Course Schedule

2-year Program
Total of 100 hours training

Live Training via Zoom

Student Support

Every Monday
10:00 – 11:00 PM
(SG time, GMT+8)
Live Support via Zoom
In this student support, we will have revision on the trading strategies taught, do live trading together and we will walk you through to make your first 100k usd in trading.

A certificate of graduation will be awarded for those who passed the assessment for the advanced course and you will be certified as “Professional Trader” by Emperous Trading Academy.


Millionaire Trader Program

Traders can immediately use the SHADOW STRATEGY and REFINED TURTLE TRADING STRATEGY that we will reveal during the 2-year Program and we 100% GUARANTEE YOU  that will become a profitable trader immediately. If not, we will refund you for whatever amount you have paid in this Millionaire Trader Program.

You will also receive COACHING SESSION every Mon 10pm-11pm via zoom so that we can support and walk you through to build your first 100k USD trading funds.

Who is suitable for the BBPTR (帮帮普通人) Millionaire Trader Program

Millionaire Trader Program is suitable for someone who is keen to create a second source of income from trading and investments.

Course Syllabus

SHADOW STRATEGY-  is a trading strategy developed by Emperous to help traders make consistent returns in the market

REFINED TURTLE TRADING STRATEGY- allows traders to potentially use small money to make big money and it is built on the concepts of Original Turtle Trading

BBPTR (帮帮普通人) Guaranteed Profitable Traders Program is built on the foundations below:

Original Turtle Trading
Back in the 1980s, a Trader by the name of Richard Dennis managed to grow his trading fund from $1,000 into 100 million. Many people thought that Richard Dennis has some special talent to do trading that was inborn. However, Richard Dennis explained that he has developed an unique trading system and he was very disciplined to follow through the system. But nobody believed him and even his partner and wife don’t believed. Finally one day, he finally decided to conduct an experiment by randomly selecting 23 traders to teach them how to trade and he call his system “Turtle Trading”. And after a few years, these 23 traders become very successful in their own ways and managed to made a collective of 1.75 million USD. Using this experiment, Richard Dennis was trying to prove that “Traders are made and not born”. Richard Dennis believes that nobody is cut out to be anything. We need to cut ourselves out to be whatever we want to be

There is generally 2 people that teaches turtle trading in the market. One of them is a digital marketer that don’t trade. Course fee $1897 USD
The second one is a real turtle who was kicked out after joining the turtle program for a few months. Many people think that Turtle trading is outdated and no longer effective now. However I have discovered there is still one remaining turtle trading strategy that is still effective which I will be revealing it to you during the course.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
One of my friend working in an investment bank told me that all their traders only uses Ichimoku Kinko Hyo to trade and nothing else. My friend then shared with me all the strategies that they are using. I used to attend paid a course for Ichimoku Kinko Hyo before this and I was SHOCKED that the way they use Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is so much different from what I have learned in the course and internet.

You will discover how to trade using in volatile times. you will not only learn how to use some of the most powerful volatility indicator but you will get to understand how to combine some probability and statistical concepts.

Many retail forex traders ignored volume in their analysis because forex is a de-centralized market and because of that, they thought that they do not have data of the actual volume therefore there is no point analyzing it. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by many traders and one of the reasons that causes their trading strategies to fail. In the course, I will reveal to you how to get your unfair advantage to trade using volume.

Correlation shows the degree of movement between different asset classes or same asset class but different products either in the same, opposite or completely random directions within a period of time. I will share with you how to trade using correlation which can give you a good risk to reward ratio.

At times, the price of a similar product or correlated product may be priced cheaper than the other one. I will reveal one arbitrage strategy to you so that you can long the cheaper one and short sell the more expensive one.

One of my good friend who is working as the Head of Trading in a bank taught me how to use momentum effectively and I am going to reveal to you in the course.

Trading Psychology

Using NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques) to help traders in the following way:

  • To take the trader through a process that integrates his/her thinking strategy into his mental system at a functional level and shaping the specific beliefs and attitudes to think in terms of probabilities
  • Adjust Trader’s attitudes and beliefs about trading so they trade without a slightest bit of fear
  • Train traders how to think differently from everyone else
  • Nurture aspiring traders to build confidence in their own trades and no longer fear the erratic behaviour of the market

Profit From the Panic
How to trade the Vix (fear index) and profit from the panic. The VIX Index is a volatility index derived from S&P 500 options, with the price of each option representing the market’s expectation of 30-day forward-looking volatility.

One of my relatives, an ex hedge fund top trader shared with me how to trade the VIX index futures. He is currently the Head of Futures and FX in a large Singapore bank now.