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After leaving the bank, I was  searching around for courses that is suitable for me to trade on my own. I finally found this course and with a leap of faith, I decided to enroll. The course beat my expectations as the trainer is supportive and engaging and the strategies taught are practical and useful for me to further increase my trading edge. Even though I was the head of trading in alliance bank, I realised that I have so much to learn from him.


TerriHead of FX, Alliance Bank

I was a fresh graduate 6 months ago. I graduated with a degree in banking and finance. I choose banking and finance because I wanted to learn how to invest and trade. However, after studying for 3 years I realised what I have learned cannot be applied to the financial markets to become a profitable investor or trader. The school basically teach us how to study hard, get good results and get a 9-6 job and become a good employee. But this is not what I want in life. My goal is to achieve financial success and financial freedom and make my first million before I become 30 years old. I realised that my dreams cannot be fulfilled. I asked myself “What is financial education”? Finally I decided to embark on another path that is less travelled and learn how to become a professional trader. After receiving the training conducted by  Alan for the past 6 months, I have managed to achieve a return of 21.32%.

JoanneFresh Graduate

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